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Type 2, 4 Color Black

The main deal with this deck is to get an early creature advantage and keep it that way by using the specialized creatures like Nekrataal and Mana-o'-war. Black is very fast and extremely strong.

You will use the incinerates mainly to remove creatures from play. This is also true for the Earthquakes and Firestorms. Overall this deck should be able to handle most of the decks that are out there right know. All though a straight burn deck could slow you down, there are enough creatures to keep the damage coming. Another thing that helps out a lot is the Shadow guildmages, They are able to either pop back a Nekrataal to your hand so that you can kill another creature or they can be used to get rid of some 1/1 creatures that like to hang around in the beginning. I believe that this would even be a decent tournament deck to play.

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