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Sweet dreams

At first look it may apear that this deck may not work, and that's OK. Yet after you see this deck in action you will change your mind. If this deck was at all legal then every pro would be playing it.

Now I am going to tell you how this deck works. On a decant draw you should be able to win a game by the second round. If you get a good draw you should be able to win the game before your opponent gets to go. The way to do his is by getting at least 3 mana producers and a wheel of fortune or time twister. If you get this go ahead and play it, when you get your next hand you will have more mana and should be able to cyle through all of your cards. Then as soon as you can produce 3 black mana and draw an underworld dreams play it and continue to cycle through the cards, except now that every time you do this you will cause your opponent 7+ damage. The only draw back can be tapping out, yet with the fastbond you can play all your land in your hand for just a few points of life. Now you think What will I do when I get all of my land out, will I end up tapped out any way? The answer is no. This is why I added a a Zuron's Orb, see what you do is sack all of your land and then play a time twister. You now get all your life back along with your land untapped. One other special thing that I put in this deck is a regrowth. This is in there only for the time twister. As long as you remember, this you wil have an unlimited supply of timetwisters. As you see it is a very quick deck that can do massive damage to many people. Normal when I play this I give my opponent 40+ life just to make it all fair.

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